Wealth Knowledge, February 2020

Thousands of retirees face being more than £3,500 worse off in retirement from April, when extra payments to adult dependants come to an end.

High earners and the tapered allowance

High earners will be familiar with the tapered annual allowance. After all, it spent most of 2019 mired in controversy after medical professionals in England snubbed overtime shifts amid fears of being clobbered with unexpectedly high tax bills.

Wealth Knowledge, January 2020

A fixed-rate war between mortgage lenders is driving prices for decade-long products to enticing lows, Moneyfacts has said.

An overview of trusts

If you’re passing on your money, property or investments – to a relative, a friend or an organisation – you want to ensure it goes to the right person or cause and is used as you wish.

Diversifying your savings

Diversification is such a commonly-used term in relation to savings and investments that it can sound like a buzzword, but the basic idea behind it is simple enough.