Wealth Knowledge, May 2022

Thousands benefit from time to pay. More than 142,000 people have used the tax catchup scheme known as ‘time to pay’ (TPP) with HMRC to spread the cost of their self-assessment tax bill since April 2021.

How does the nics increase affect you?

Brace yourself for this tax rise. In a much-touted tax rise to fund additional NHS, health and social care spending, this April sees 1.25% added to National

Wealth Knowledge, April 2022

OVER ONE MILLION INDIVIDUALS USE EXTRA TIME TO FILE TAX RETURNS. More than one million individuals completed their self-assessment tax return by the extended deadline at the end of February 2022.

Wealth Knowledge, March 2022

PANDEMIC-RELATED FACTORS SEE DIVORCE RATES SLUMP IN 2020. The number of divorces in England and Wales fell by 4.5% in
2020, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).