Corporate Financial Planning

Corporate financial planning
Key financial considerations for employers.
The lengthening list of rules and regulations involved with running a small business can take its toll on those in charge – even more so if you employ members of staff. 
First, you need to ensure the business gets paid on time, every time, and ideally that it makes a profit. Then you must comply with a whole host of employer obligations.

Protection with relevant life cover

Tax-efficient insurance for business owners. 
Arranging relevant life cover can save money for business owners and their staff. As an employer, you want to ensure your employees have the benefits needed to incentivise them to join your business and stay, and there is arguably no benefit more important than a good life cover p

Can you afford to start a family?

The full costs of raising children surprise many. 
Moving out of your parents’ home for the first time, stepping onto the property ladder, getting married, and deciding to start a family are each big life events. 
You’ll likely crunch some numbers when considering any of them but when it comes to starting a family, it’s more opaque, more emotive and more expensive.

Give your finances a spring clean

Is it time to tidy up your finances this spring?
With spring in the air and the 2021/22 financial year just a month old, there’s no better time to take stock of your financial arrangements and see how they’re working for you. Of course, you can check your direct debits or standing orders and cancel any you no longer use. You can switch energy providers or even share your Netflix account.

Leaving money to the wrong people

Guarding against accidental inheritance. Soaring house prices around the UK over the last 20 years mean it’s possible to leave a substantial windfall to the people or causes closest to our hearts.