Utilising your pension to cut inheritance tax

Pensions usually fall outside of your estate.
Inheritance tax was thought to be ripe for reform in last year’s Autumn Budget but, as it happened, it was left untouched for another tax year. 

Is retiring to the sun still possible?

Is retiring to the sun still possible?

Or has Brexit dashed the dream?
Some of us have had enough of the inclement weather in the UK, and dream of retiring somewhere warm and sunny. 
We often talk about it for years, fed up with the same old routine, the same journey to work, the same things at work, and a desire to do something different.

Corporate Financial Planning

Corporate financial planning
Key financial considerations for employers.
The lengthening list of rules and regulations involved with running a small business can take its toll on those in charge – even more so if you employ members of staff. 
First, you need to ensure the business gets paid on time, every time, and ideally that it makes a profit. Then you must comply with a whole host of employer obligations.

Self-Employed pension options

The three main types and muddied waters.
Many workers find self-employment to be a liberating change of pace from the grind of working for someone else. There are a great number of challenges involved with being your own boss, however, one of them being pensions. 

Wealth Knowledge, September 2021

Stamp duty land tax holiday fuelled equity release spike
Homeowners released £1.17 billion of property wealth between April and June 2021, said the Equity Release Council (ERC). 
Tax savings on offer from the stamp duty holiday are thought to have spurred on over-55s to help their children get onto the property ladder.