Can you move your mortgage?

Options for those who have found their next home.
If you are in a position to upsize or pay off more of an existing mortgage, make sure you understand the small print first.
One might expect the property market to dampen considerably now the stamp duty holiday has ended. But while the number of transactions dropped off significantly after the first deadline, house prices still rose 2.1% in August. 

What to do with spare cash after Covid-19

Ways to release some of that pent-up demand.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, official statistics show that total household savings have increased pretty much across the board. 
That’s not much of a surprise considering most people have been saving cash working from home, while the three lockdowns we’ve had in the UK removed spending options to eat out, go to a pub, or holiday abroad. 

Wealth Knowledge, August 2021

Lower stamp duty land tax threshold in place until October
The stamp duty land tax-free threshold in England and Northern Ireland reduced last month, as the tax holiday introduced in July 2020 began to be phased out. 

Wealth Knowledge, July 2021

Home movers fuel spike in mortgage borrowing as prices rise
A record proportion of mortgage borrowing in the first three months of the year was fuelled by home movers as the ‘race for space’ hotted up. 
The Financial Conduct Authority said this group accounted for 42% of total mortgage lending – the highest proportion since records began in 2007. 

Can you afford to start a family?

The full costs of raising children surprise many. 
Moving out of your parents’ home for the first time, stepping onto the property ladder, getting married, and deciding to start a family are each big life events. 
You’ll likely crunch some numbers when considering any of them but when it comes to starting a family, it’s more opaque, more emotive and more expensive.