How much risk are you happy with?

The role of risk recommending investment products.
From buying a house to booking a holiday, and a wide range of other examples in between, most decisions we make contain varying degrees of risk. 
Take COVID-19, for example. Some people refused to entertain the idea of wearing a mask from the start of the pandemic, while others continue to wear masks even though it’s no longer mandatory.

Self-Employed pension options

The three main types and muddied waters.
Many workers find self-employment to be a liberating change of pace from the grind of working for someone else. There are a great number of challenges involved with being your own boss, however, one of them being pensions. 

What to do with spare cash after Covid-19

Ways to release some of that pent-up demand.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, official statistics show that total household savings have increased pretty much across the board. 
That’s not much of a surprise considering most people have been saving cash working from home, while the three lockdowns we’ve had in the UK removed spending options to eat out, go to a pub, or holiday abroad. 

Tax incentives for getting married

The tax breaks that become available when you wed.
It’s wedding season and as the chime of church bells becomes more common again after months of lockdown, married couples will be pleased to learn that there’s more than just love in the air when you get married.

Protection with relevant life cover

Tax-efficient insurance for business owners. 
Arranging relevant life cover can save money for business owners and their staff. As an employer, you want to ensure your employees have the benefits needed to incentivise them to join your business and stay, and there is arguably no benefit more important than a good life cover p