Can you move your mortgage?

Options for those who have found their next home.
If you are in a position to upsize or pay off more of an existing mortgage, make sure you understand the small print first.
One might expect the property market to dampen considerably now the stamp duty holiday has ended. But while the number of transactions dropped off significantly after the first deadline, house prices still rose 2.1% in August. 

Corporate Financial Planning

Corporate financial planning
Key financial considerations for employers.
The lengthening list of rules and regulations involved with running a small business can take its toll on those in charge – even more so if you employ members of staff. 
First, you need to ensure the business gets paid on time, every time, and ideally that it makes a profit. Then you must comply with a whole host of employer obligations.

Wealth Knowledge, October 2021

Curtain comes down on stamp duty land tax holiday 
The stamp duty holiday in England and Northern Ireland has ended, more than 14 months after it first came into effect. 
The tax break saw buyers who purchased residential properties for £500,000 or less pay no stamp duty until 30 June 2021, although landlords still had to pay the 3% surcharge. 

How much risk are you happy with?

The role of risk recommending investment products.
From buying a house to booking a holiday, and a wide range of other examples in between, most decisions we make contain varying degrees of risk. 
Take COVID-19, for example. Some people refused to entertain the idea of wearing a mask from the start of the pandemic, while others continue to wear masks even though it’s no longer mandatory.

Self-Employed pension options

The three main types and muddied waters.
Many workers find self-employment to be a liberating change of pace from the grind of working for someone else. There are a great number of challenges involved with being your own boss, however, one of them being pensions.