State pension & the triple-lock

How much will you receive in 2021/22?
At just £175.20 a week in 2020/21 – or £9,110.40 a year – the full new state pension might not be enough for most people to retire on, but it is an important element to consider when planning for your retirement.

Could inflation be about to return?

And might it be a problem for you in 2021?
We’ve all had enough on our plates over the last 12 months, without having to worry about things like inflation. But a surprise jump in December 2020 caused speculation as to whether it might surge when we properly come out of lockdown.

Lockdowns fuel spike in divorce rates

The number of people seeking to divorce their spouses boomed last year, with many couples forced to spend long amounts of time with their partners during various coronavirus restrictions.
Indeed, those googling Citizens’ Advice divorce guidance increased sharply since last April, during the first national lockdown, and rose by 25% year-on-year in September 2020.

Is it time to get a pension review?

Pensions have come a long way in the last 20 years. Innovative products like stakeholder pensions have reduced costs, auto-enrolment has increased accessibility, and self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) have boosted investment choice.

Is it time to invest in Bonds?

Last year was one of those years when investors looked nervously at their portfolios. As the coronavirus pandemic raged, markets tumbled. Even as news of vaccines brought strong rallies, it wasn’t for the faint-hearted.